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Emotional Energetic Purifying

Emotional Energetic Purifying is a technique used to diagnose and clear energetic imbalances that affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is a holistic approach to therapy in that it sees and treats the various aspects of the human being as a whole.

When we experience a pleasant event, we feel an expansion = flow in the systems

When an unpleasant circumstance occurs, we experience a contraction = block in the flow

Our bodies store the memory of every experience we've ever had. These memories are stored in different places in our body. Using this therapy method, we are able to reach these stored memories and release them, also releasing the emotional patterns associated with them.

This technique allows access to the root of the imbalance and the release of the energetic blocks that hinder the body's natural healing ability. As a result, it often takes a very short time, sometimes instantaneously, to release years of chronic pain. The method is also used to balance the body's systems and their functions coordinating the physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Emotional Energetic Purifying therapy can:

Balance: organs, glands, bodily systems and mental conditions 

Release:  emotional burdens, toxins, tension, fears

Increase: vitality, confidence, self-acceptance and happiness

Improve: metabolism, digestion, immune system, memory and mental focus


This therapy technique is also suitable for babies, children, and even embryos. It is very helpful during pregnancy. For example: sleeping difficulties, ear infections, colic, asthma, ADHD and more.

During the session, the process of removing energetic blocks is done in full cooperation with the patient (adults) facilitating a higher awareness of the problem, learning and growth – an opportunity for change

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